late night thoughts

you think theyre gonna stop being an asshole eventually but they always prove you wrong. for a while he’s nice and everything is fine but then he says that one thing that completely throws you off. he said he only has friends for a span of 2 years, and you wanted to prove him wrong but he said there was no point. they never learn because they think they’re entitled to everything. that is the reason i only have one real and true male friend. the rest have redeeming qualities but for the most part are selfish, narcissitic, and arrogant. a few are nice human beings but are just too dense for me sometimes.
nobody in any of my friendships cares about me as much as i care about them, nor reciprocates these notions of friendship.
i feel like my one true friend in this whole city left but why did it have to be him when you are the one that hates this town so much

© le-cheval